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Photo for A Happy Go Luckily Person Who Loves To Teach Kids And Can Be Creative.

A Happy Go Luckily Person Who Loves To Teach Kids And Can Be Creative.

Part Time
We are looking for someone who loves teaching kids beyond homework but with crafts, or science experiments, or a project on something they're learning in school or just something they're interested in. This is a need for our 8th grade she's in a private school and she is always had an issue with English. But now it's spread to science and history and Spanish class. We have 3 children in 2nd grade B who is in a all girls school and needs to improve in spelling beyond her spelling weekly words and she needs to read everyday. I also have school math apps to can do and I've bought a couple books in math to assist in continued growing all around. Our son A is 10 in the 5th grade and never has homework but he struggles with spelling and reading and writing. So we'd have to create our own personal homework or projects on our own. Our 8th grader is in a private school as well and definitely needs help with English and Spanish. But now is also struggling in science and history. S my 13-year-old is where I would press a lot of attention too. B our 2nd grader needs a routine. Reading time , homework time, math , time, and fun time. A our 10-year-old 5th grader, my hardest most distracted child on fort nite and internet videos he needs someone else to engage him other than me. He needs side work in reading, spelling , and most importantly writing ( and neatly. So doing a project at home or a weekly goal could work. S my oldest 13 and in the 8th grade needs help in especially in English. Other subjects now she's struggling with is science , history and Spanish. She has a school iPad with what she's working on and when her quizzes and test are coming up. I'm working now with her teachers to see how she can study differently. In person Yes we have parking.