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Photo for My Fur Babies Need Some Love While I Am Gone

My Fur Babies Need Some Love While I Am Gone

Part Time
Rocky 7-year-old dog Sebastian 6-month-old shepherd pointer mix Shadow 1-year-old kitty There may be one or two other kitty's but I am trying to rehome them. Rocky is a big cuddle bug that is afraid of everything and has a big bark but he will do so from under the table lol. I don't like leaving him alone with Sebastian because I'm sure bash annoys him. Sebastian is funny; has way too much energy and thinks he's a cat. He is learning to sit, stay, down, lay down and for his kennel I say bed he also knows outside. It takes a min for him to pay attention but once you have his attention he is good at listening . He hasn't gone on many walks but we're working on that now that he is vaccinated. watch what's left on the counter because he has been know to get on the counter, naughty puppy he can be Shadow is a boss cuddle kitty she likes being pet but if you pet her tummy she will kindly tell you to top. Shadow can get bossy and demand your attend by following you around pushing things out of your hand and she will eat your food if you set it down. I think shadow is a dog in a cats body and Sebastian is a cat in a dogs body. Sebastian should be walked if possible and both bash and rocky should be let out in the yard to run out their energy. Beside that just the normal stuff like love, food and water. I am flexible on if you stay here with my dogs or not, as long as you are here long enough to get their energy out. I am open to them staying somewhere else but it will have to be the right place for me to do that. Parking is available
Photo for Housesitting For A Weekend!

Housesitting For A Weekend!

One Time
House sitting for a weekend in May, 7th - 9th. One large dog, 80lbs, husky mix. He's older and lower energy, just needs fed twice a day and let out for potty. Also feed two turtles at night (food from a canister, no live bugs!). Dog does best when you are home with him (has separation anxiety) so am looking for someone who can stay home most if not all of the weekend. Please do not bring other dogs with you. We have WiFi and cable tv, plus backyard patio and fire pit. Please provide your per day rate as I'll pay by the day rather than the hour. If all goes well could be a regular request as we travel periodically throughout the year and have other trips planned. Dakota, husky mix, 80 lbs, 8 years old He's older, doesn't need a lot of exercise, just needs another warm body in the house to feel settled. He gets separation anxiety so frequent leaving and coming back is difficult. He has lots of love to share but is also content to sleep in another part of the house while you're watching tv. He loves food so will show up and help taste test when you're cooking in the kitchen, and a treat is an easy way to get him back in the house if he's dragging his heels in the backyard. Due to his separation anxiety he does best if you are a home buddy who likes to stay in most of the time. He will bark at deliveries, neighbors, squirrels, etc, but will quiet down once acknowledged. Loud noises like fireworks or thunderstorms will cause anxiety, and we have some calming medication for when that happens. He does not get along with other dogs, when walking we stay on opposite sides of the street or turn and walk in the opposite direction, but he has a fenced in backyard which we usually use for exercise more so than walks. He seems ok with the puppy next door but generally speaking I wouldn't trust him with other dogs. We have a driveway that can fit 2 cars, plus some street parking in the neighborhood.