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Personal Assistant/House Manager

Part Time
Personal Assistant/House Manager 10-15 hours/week @ $25/hour. 2-3 days per week at our house + errands. Personal Admin: Run errands Open packages and manage returns Groceries/Food: Manage groceries and meal prep (at least 3 dinners) Prep kid lunches. Keep fridge and pantry clean and organized. Laundry/Clothes: Do kids and family laundry, fold and put away Swap kids clothes off season Put away dry cleaning. Swap out hangers House: Check in on the house when we're away. water plants, put trash in/out, get mail etc. - if you enjoy dogs we could potentially work out a dog sitting option while we are away Water plants Tidy playroom, kids rooms, make their beds, living room, kitchen etc. -Vacuum once per week or as needed - Help with clutter. Piles develop everywhere in the house and we'd like to be free from piles. Do dishes and empty the dishwasher Kid/Family Management Help me manage school papers Help me sign kids up for activities How to Succeed with Us: Communicate consistently and close the loop. Even if it feels like you're over communicating. If we forward something that we need you to take care of, either handle it immediately and reply that it's done or confirm receipt and timeframe and let us know when it's done. Ask for clarification on timelines etc. so we all have the right expectations. Tell us when you're going to be late/keep us posted when schedules or things change. Be accountable, help us get you what you need to succeed and try not to let things come back to us. Notice when we look stressed or our house looks extra messy and offer/ask/suggest how you can help Be independent and a problem solver. Come to us with solutions when you're stuck on something. Help us help you as efficiently as possible. I. e. video chat, send photos that we can circle or comment on etc. Surprise us with things that can make our lives easier, better. notice when we are out of things or may need things and ask or surprise us. Don't simmer on things. We're busy and sometimes we forget things. Just ask politely, be direct Have a positive attitude.
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