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Weekend Care For Two 930am -530am - Hello, we are seeking a "Wee...

Part Time $20 – 25/hr Starts 01/28 Warrenton, VA
Hello, we are seeking a "Weekend Caregiver" for my Wife and I. This is a two person job, youll be caring for two. George 81yrs old (self) requires "Stand by Assistance" while my Wife Marilyn 73yrs old requires "Hands on Assistance and experience using a "Hoy Lift". I am nearly deaf in one ear and almost 100% blind. I get around my house just fine but may need assistance picking out my clothes, choosing the correct pre made medication containers, reading emails/mail, preparing both our meals 3x during the day and administering my Wife's pre made medication. My Wife's Assistance requires getting her ready for the day, changing her "movements" and putting her to bed after dinner general companionship applies more to her than to myself. We have a nice home with no pets yet need qualified and experienced weekend care. We don't appreciate loudness or drama. We don't mind phone calls aslong as your job isn't affected. We have all we require and need here, you'll have an "Aid Fridge" to store your meals. We like to stick to a "chill- slow paste" routine on the weekends. Durring the week we have two lovely primary aids, who are both excited and welcoming to a weekend caregiver. Both aids will be here weekly 9-5 p.m. to train the weekend cargiver with our daily routines and necessities. If weekday training dosen't work for your schedule we can arrange weekend training. Thank You for your time and feel free to message us for further information.

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