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Nanny/Babysitter For Toddler And Newborn

Full Time
Childcare/Nanny needed Structure is important to this family. Our children have a fairly predictable schedule. But we also value being flexible whenever needed. Especially with where my husband and I are in our careers. Learning is also a key value for us. It is important for our children to have different forms of educationally/developmentally beneficial activities throughout the week. Cleanliness and independence are what we are focusing on a lot right now with our toddler. Some of the things we do with our son and will do with our daughter and future young children is have different forms of play throughout a day. This could mean playing in the dirt outside, cars inside or doing a kid friendly workout video. Physical activity is widely encouraged throughout the day. We do mini-lessons, usually something as simple as going over flash cards. We want to make sure the children are exposed to languages from an early age and want to have both English and Spanish words introduced. Sign language is something we have started but aren't dedicated to. We have goals and milestones our family work on together to encourage a rich learning environment. Keeping things balanced and natural is important as well. It's probably not seeming like it now but we are a fairly chill family. Right now we are looking for some basic care. Just play, teach and encourage. Mom plans be home for most of the summer, taking care of the baby so mainly just our 20-month-old would need any care. There will be times when you will be asked to watch both of them while mom works on something on the computer, runs and errand or something like that. There is a possibility that mom will go back to work part time in Mid-June. In that case there be need for someone three to four hours. When we get to fall there will be more change, as both of us work for the school district. Whether that means changing your schedule or is finding someone else either in place of or along side depends on the situation and stance of both parties. This is something we would talk about in person. Every case is unique. There are some things we won't sacrifice, such as first aid. We have plenty of parking There are animals around the property, such as cows. But there are no indoor animals. My brother in law lives near by and his dog wanders over a lot. He's nice and won't bother anyone.