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Photo for Tiny Trio Need A Big Helper With Keen Eye And Gentle Touch.

Tiny Trio Need A Big Helper With Keen Eye And Gentle Touch.

Part Time
Traditional family stuff, minus any religious fervor. We're... spiritually alternative. Appreciate a healthy degree of self reliance. We're millennials if that helps. T is the oldest at 3. 5 years old. He's just starting to get the idea of using the potty. Slow going but it's progress. He like cars, his fire truck. Can be a bit pushy in getting his brother to play but he's bigger than he knows. T is a little over 2. Very quiet but full of smiles, doesn't need much other than his water bottle full, dry diapers, and cartoons. The boys will stomach whatever you care to watch but if you want them zoned out Cocomelon, G's dollhouse, and baby bum turn them into couch zombies, at least for a while. T is only 3 months old. She can't crawl or even squirm much, and really only fusses when she's hungry, tired, or needs a diaper. Putting them to bed for naps (1. 5-3 hours), supervision in playset out back. Snacks (we can stage that if it helps). Beyond that just have fun. T isn't tickleish yet but the boys are. Patience, the ability to apply positive reinforcement, high vigilance. Lotta room to park out front, though we'd appreciate it if you stuck to the driveway. One pet, Fenrir (Fin for short) he's a sorta rescue dog. Was at our door and never left. He's very friendly and patient with the kids so no worries there. He can be a bit jumpy, but he's only 10 months old so still going through puppy phase. Normally just the two days though there will be the occasional Friday. Mom is a dental hygienist. Dads a truck driver.