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Photo for Family Of 6 On A Farm Needs Some Weekly Help! - We have a two st...

Family Of 6 On A Farm Needs Some Weekly Help! - We have a two st...

Part Time $21 – 26/hr Starts 09/11 Sequim, WA
We have a two story home. The bottom level contains one bedroom, a small office, kitchen/living room and bathroom. The upper level is the kids level, we have on great room with 3 kids in it and 1 smaller bedroom for my oldest child, and an additional bathroom. The upper level is older and needs to be remodeled. We need help with general up keep. I work full time and my husband is unable to keep up with the house work. It is causing deep stress in our lives and I really just need help keeping it manageable so we can live more peacefully. I would also love help with maintaining organization. I'd also love it if you could help by washing sheets and towels. We are hoping to have someone come weekly for 4 hours, and would be open to a deeper clean monthly or bimonthly, depending on our budget. We are looking for someone who loves families and loves being helpful. We really need you and we hope we can build a good relationship with you for the long term. We have a large front parking area, but we aren't really close to public transit. We have two dogs and a cat that live indoors. The cat you will rarely see, and if you do he is the sweetest thing. Our dogs are small loving! They may bark when you first enter our home, but it's only because they can't wait for you to pet them! Our cats name is Tiger. Our dogs names are Ubbe, and Drogon. Drogon is a Pomeranian, and Ubbe is a small mixed breed rescue. They love to be petted and cuddled. Outside we have a bunch of chickens, rabbits and goats. You won't have to take care of them or see them if you don't want to. If you do want to visit them, we welcome it! They are all very friendly!

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