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Nanny Needed For My Children In Point.

Part Time
My boy speaks some words and a few sentences but is not too vocal yet, mainly gibberish trying to say his words tho. Communication is hard, with as little that he has we have our manners. When he asks of something he says please in sign. When he is given something he will say thank you. That is something enforced, I like the structure it gives for him. He generally won't nap, but you can try to rest him between 1-5 if you're watching him that time. *My schedule varies* I don't let him nap before lunch time. Or after dinner. Favorite shows are peppa pig, blues clues, blaze, and bluey. He has a routine he is comfortable with, I can go over more when hired. He is very sensitive, and needs a lot of attention given. We are working on our colors right now. I'd like a learning focused plan to keep his mind active and open:). Our ideal caregiver: I'm a single mum. So I don't have a lot of pay to provide, but I do my best for someone who truly will care for my son as there own.. My son needs someone very patient he is learning a lot, and it is overwhelming I feel. Very emotional child, so somebody understanding of a sensitive child. He likes his routine so I need you to follow his normal. So be a reliable source, have a car. And have that car be safe vehicle for my child's transportation if ever needed. Additional needs include being comfortable with pets, having a reliable car. Looking for care Wednesdays (8:30am-6pm), Thursdays (8:30am-6pm), Fridays (7am-5:30pm). Flexible start date. My schedule may vary.
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