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Photo for Overnight Caregiver For 4 Month Old Sage!

Overnight Caregiver For 4 Month Old Sage!

Full Time
Hello! I have a 4-month-old! I'm looking for someone ideally who can be our nighttime nanny since I work late nights as a waitress. S is very sweet and talkative. I might even go as far as to say she's the easiest baby to deal with! She doesn't really cry unless she's wet, hungry, fighting her sleep, or experiencing gas. She is breastfed but when she's with her nanny I'd like for her to be bottle-fed formula if I don't have any breast milk already prepared. Sometimes she won't burp right away but if you play with her for a while and move her around she'll usually burp on her own. She loves sleeping so you'll get plenty of rest with her too! She usually sleeps 3-5 hour stretches as well and we don't have a schedule per say but usually she's asleep by 12 a.m. and she'll wake up around 4 or 5 a.m. When she's up she LOVES to play however you can tell when she's ready to move on to the next thing. She is also a self soother. She doesn't usually need her pacifier unless she wants something to suck on which is usually before nap time or bed time or sometimes just boredom. (You'll be able to tell cause she'll be chatty/fussy) We have not started her on solids yet however applesauce and mashed potatoes is OK as well as Hawaiian delight. Some juices are ok too but not too much. She really likes food so she will eyeball yours and try to charm you but don't give it to her! I would also prefer someone with no pets! I'm not sure if my daughter is allergic to dogs like I am but I sure would hate to find out so let's play it safe for now until she's older please! in summation my ideal candidate would be someone who doesn't mind babysitting throughout the night/morning. Trust Communication Inclusion Respect Integrity I want someone who is easy-going and not easily overwhelmed. My daughter is a sweetie but sometimes she can go from 0 to 100 since she's so vocal about what she wants. I need someone who is patient and kind with her all the way until the end. No pets please !