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Companion Care Needed For My Mother In Akron

Full Time
About who needs care: My mother is 88 years of age. She loves living in her home and is a very bright woman who gets confused because her memory is not very good any longer. She becomes anxious, afraid and lonely. She loves to go out to eat lunch and/or dinners with friends. She can no longer focus on playing bridge. She likes to go for a walk but not too far. She often gets confused about her doctors' appointments and calls crying or in a state of panic. She doesn't want a caregiver who doesn't engage with her. She reads books and watches tv but I'm not sure she really focuses on any of those very well. She is sweet and kind and she doesn't think she needs help, but she reaches out to neighbors often for help. She needs a kind soul who won't try to control her and make her feel like she is being watched like a babysitter. About the care needs: She likes someone who is engaging, that talks to her, is willing to run errands with or for her, is willing to take her to lunch/dinner with friends and can watch a show or movie with her if they can work the tv properly. She can still drive, but it is best if the person drives her. She is social. She is hard of hearing especially if she forgets her hearing aids. The person should be able to figure out how to handle issues as they arise (calling to confirm appointments, calling for repairs or assistance with technology, calling us if unsure). My sister is a doctor 30 minutes away and is in charge of her medical care and medications. I am in charge of the financial support. We are only a phone call away for assistance. Our brother and sister-in-law are always willing to help by phone as well. Only my sister is local. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and companionship.
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