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Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider In Fishers

Part Time
About who needs care: Recently diagnosed with dementia and still adjusting to the developing struggles the memory loss creates. Awaiting medication and further treatment once his upcoming appointment with his specialist in June. Has heart issues and stents due to previous heart attacks and on a strict medication regiment currently. Needs assistance and direction to eat and drink his meals with consistency. Hobbies and interests have greatly diminished due to the heart attack, dementia; suspected depression. He suffers from untreated grief from the loss of his wife 3 years ago and will discuss her, the life they shared and his family normally. About the care needs: A patient and compassionate person who can handle a senior struggling with the grief of his changing life and the control over his life he feels his health issues have brought on. Someone who has experience handling dementia and the struggles that entails. This person ideally could help him eat more consistently and better meals. His teeth were all removed and he refuses to wear his dentures, so his meals must be soft or mush as a result. Additionally, it would be helpful if this person has any experience attending or volunteering with a church since he is a Christian and does attend a virtual sermon every Sunday. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.
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