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Mr.Cean Texas

11450 Still Hollow Dr, Frisco, TX

Our team consists of 4 professionals who really know how to clean a home. We are proud of our cleaning work and this reflects on our customer reviews, which makes us happy that we are on the right track.
If you are looking for a cheaper cleaning service, we maybe not a option, but if you want to be satisfied about the cleanliness of your home, feel safe even though not present on cleaning day, you can be sure that we will be the right choice.Due to everything that has been happening in the last few days around the world. we had to change even our form of personal hygiene, and we will also have to change the hygiene of our commercial establishments. It was with this new change in mind that Mr. Clean Texas invested in high quality equipment in the residential and commercial cleaning segment, with personnel training for new changes and quality material.

Some examples of how our cleaning is done.

1- We use in all our cleanings, ozone generator, where it releases ultraviolet rays, free radicals and energy electrons, eliminating odors and microorganisms accumulated throughout the day.

2- The basis of our cleaning is the high temperature steam at 338 * F, providing a cleaning, but deep in the entire surface where it is used. thereby sterilizing and eliminating 99.9% of fungi and bacteria.

3 - On the floor, we use electric steam mop, providing greater cleaning and sterilization at the same time.

4- We use personal hygiene and safety utensils and high-quality materials. And much more
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Maria's Frisco Cleaning Service

7216 Napa Valley Dr, Frisco, TX

Welcome to Maria's Frisco Cleaning Service

Maria's Frisco Cleaning Services is a locally owned residential home cleaning service providing residential maid services in Frisco, West Plano, McKinney, Prosper, Allen, Little Elm, Savannah, The Colony and surrounding cities.

Maria's Frisco Cleaning Service was established with a clear mission: to provide a professional house cleaning service in a friendly, honest & reliable manner which not just satisfies but delights our customers!

We specialize in residential cleaning and have tailored our house cleaning services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whatever type of property you live in, our dependable and experienced house cleaners will give your home the special care and attention that it deserves!

If your looking for maid service, we hope you look no farther. Maria's Frisco Cleaning Service has programs for weekly, bi-monthly and monthly residential maid service. We also offer move-in and move-out maid services.

Why should I hire Maria's Frisco Cleaning Service for my house cleaning needs? It's well known that there are a lot of house cleaning services in Frisco to choose from. When you are searching for professional maid services for any of your cleaning needs, call the best house cleaning service: Maria's Frisco Cleaning Service.

Please contact our website for more information about us. You can also see a full description of services, testimonials and a link for a free estimate.

We are here to make your life easier and less stressful and to help you find more time in your day. Consider us the busy person's helper who wants you to enjoy life a little bit more. We do all of your housecleaning needs, freeing up time for you to enjoy the more important things in life.


Maria McGlothlin Owner
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