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Photo for Nanny For An Amazing Little Boy!  Part-time Active 3 Year Old.

Nanny For An Amazing Little Boy! Part-time Active 3 Year Old.

Part Time
We are in the process of moving to a new house that is only a few blocks away from our current house. As we move, work on the new house and get the old house ready to sell we are in need of a sitter. We want this position to transition into a regular nanny job a few days a week. We will also be doing some traveling a few days here and there and our looking for someone that will be able watch our son at our home during that time. We are looking for the right person that we feel is a good fit and can be a continuous nanny position. Our son is 3, always very happy, super active and is non-verbal. He is not currently potty-trained. He loves people and will take to the right person almost immediately. We live in La Center and prefer someone fairly close by. We value respecting others, kindness to both people and animals. We try to teach treating someone as you would like to be treated. We love to travel, art, theater, museums and various outdoor activities. Our son loves numbers, stacking blocks, counting and the alphabet, playing ball and puzzles. Recently, he has shown interest in the solar system and plants. Our son is very expressive but non-verbal. So, he needs someone that has the ability to tune into him and his needs without him being able to actually tell someone what he wants. When walking or exploring outside in an unconfined/fenced space he needs to be holding a hand. He can't be trusted on his on. On occasion, he will take off running. He's pretty fast and can be challenging to catch. He will run in the street or into an unsafe situation without awareness. Even tempered, no harsh yelling, positive affirmation but also the ability to hold him accountable for his behavior and actions. Someone that is a hands on, get down on the floor and play type of person. We have parking, no access to public transportation One dog, boxer, barks at first, doesn't bite, very affectionate.
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