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Stephanie T.'s Photo

Stephanie T.

Portland, OR

$25-50/hr10 yrs exp

Organizational Wizard Looking To Help Others

Background Check

I have 10 years of experience. I can help with anything organizational, meal prep, grocery shopping, and so much more. I like helping others with tasks that don't come naturally to them. What do you need help with?
Sarah S.'s Photo

Sarah S.

Seaside, CA


Organizational Skills

Background Check

If you want your house looking tidy and extremely organized, I'm your girl. I have always been complimented on the way I organize homes and make it look like a Home and Garden magazine.
Elise L.'s Photo

Elise L.

Sparta, NJ

$20-30/hr2 yrs exp

Available Housekeeper For Tidying, Deep Cleaning, Or Organizational Support!

Background Check

Hello! My name is Elise. I am interested in cleaning your space as I've noticed the significant change in my mood and mental clarity since keeping a tidy home. I find peace in cleaning and am here for any support that you may need!
Jennifer A.'s Photo

Jennifer A.

Port Angeles, WA

$14-20/hr10 yrs exp

OCD Cleaner With Great Organizational Skills



Background Check

I have 10 years of experience. I can help with Bathroom Cleaning and General Room Cleaning. If you want to come home to a sparkling clean house. I'm your person!!!

Recent reviews:

I got a referral for Jennifer from another property owner in my area and I'm stuck now... when I lose her skills my guests are stuck with mine. And trust me, I run a tight ship! My education is in the...

Reviewed by James R.

Lucy W.'s Photo

Lucy W.

Bend, OR

$30-35/hr2 yrs exp

House Cleaning And Deep Organizational Services

Background Check

Hello there! My name is Lucy, I'm 19 years old, and originally from Portland, Oregon. I am about to start my first year at Central Oregon Community College, following a gap year I took working as a live in nanny in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I am looking for regular house cleaning jobs including the...
Carly M.'s Photo

Carly M.

Austin, TX

$20-30/hr5 yrs exp

Part-time Housekeeper With Great Organizational Skills



Background Check

I have been a professional housekeeper for the past two years, caring for a client's home every weekday, and cleaning several other spaces on a monthly basis.
Bernarda W.'s Photo

Bernarda W.

Myrtle Beach, SC

$15-25/hr7 yrs exp

Experienced Housekeeper With Excellent Organizational Skills

Background Check

Experienced housekeeper with 7 years of dedicated service , transitioning from a 13 -year role as a Medical Receptionist. Recently relocated to Myrtle Beach , I offer a flexible schedule and a hands-on approach to maintaining impeccable cleanliness. Known to working efficiently and attentively. I...
Kendyll G.'s Photo

Kendyll G.

San Diego, CA


Organizational Guru

Background Check

I have a passion for cleaning and organizing. I have been known to reorganize a friend's kitchen while they were away on holiday. I have found that organizing and cleaning go hand in hand. A tidy home is great but a clean and organized home is life changing. With all of today's demands, many don't...
Alyssa B.'s Photo

Alyssa B.

Durham, NC


Here For All Your Cleaning And Organizational Needs!

Background Check

Hi! I'm Alyssa and I just recently moved to the Durham area after graduating from college at Auburn University. I value organization and cleanliness at a high level. I take pride in the cleanliness standards I hold, and would love to make your house feel more like home by providing you with a...
Sarah H.'s Photo

Sarah H.

Beech Grove, IN

$14-19/hr3 yrs exp

Organizational Specialist

Background Check

Nothing makes me happier than coming home to a clean and organized home. Your home is your sanctuary and it should make you happy, not stressed out! I love helping people keep up with their housework so that they can enjoy quality time with family and friends. Let me take care of the cleaning while...
Seok C.'s Photo

Seok C.

Houston, TX


Minimalistic And Observant, My Organizational And Cleanliness Skills Are Beyond...

Background Check

Worked in the kitchen as a chef in my food business before closing it for good, I know the details that good into cleanliness of the kitchen which is like a focal point of any family. I have in my own capacity declutter and organize my friend's houses and just recently, I have been organizing one...
Monique R.'s Photo

Monique R.

Springfield, IL

$15-30/hr10 yrs exp

Cleaning And Organizational Services Offered In Springfield, IL

Background Check

I have cleaned houses since 14 years of age. I have worked alongside career nannies and housekeepers. I have extensive cleaning training in kitchens, bathrooms, and organization.
Elizabeth R.'s Photo

Elizabeth R.

Atlanta, GA

$15-25/hr10 yrs exp

10 Years Of Cleaning Experience, A Lifetime Of Chores, And Inherited Organizational Skills

Background Check

My mother raised me on chores so I have always been able to clean well. I have 10 years of paid cleaning experience. I started out working for the Housekeeping Department at Berry College and when I transferred to KSU, I started doing independent housekeeping for houses. I have had many loyal...
Amy F.'s Photo

Amy F.

Bozeman, MT

$5-10/hr1 yrs exp

I am very reliable with six months experience cleaning houses and I have great organizational skills.

Background Check

For about a year, I cleaned house for a pilot from Edwards Air Force Base. I did basic cleaning as well as detailed his fish tanks. Also I worked at a summer camp where I would get placed on the hospitality team where I had to clean all the guest cabins as well as main buildings for various use. I...
Eric B.'s Photo

Eric B.

Swartz Creek, MI

$25-35/hr2 yrs exp

Organizational Genie

Background Check

I have very crisp and effective organizational skills, and have spent time as a house cleaner, material handler, and gardener. I have 10 years of experience cleaning my local church on a monthly basis which requires vacuuming, dusting, window washing, deep cleaning bathrooms, and many smaller jobs...
Krissy S.'s Photo

Krissy S.

Denver, CO

$20-30/hr2 yrs exp

Cleaning And Organizational Services

Background Check

Hello, my name is Krissy S, I am 49, married and have four adult children. I am a licensed Social Worker in the state of Colorado and have a BS in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work. I love this work but I have a grandson now and I am watching him a couple of days of the week. For this reason I...
Erin S.'s Photo

Erin S.

Springfield, MO

$14-19/hr3 yrs exp

Artsy With A Strong Organizational Side



Background Check

I have 3 years experience cleaning, I am a pe coach at day springs Christian schools and have substituted for Springfield public schools for 2 years now. I have a dog and a 7yo son
Gabriella P.'s Photo

Gabriella P.

New York, NY

$40/hr5 yrs exp

Housekeeping/Organizational Services

Background Check

I have also been a part-time housekeeper/organizer for many years. I am particularly good at organizing/de-cluttering spaces if that is something that you need assistance with. As far as a weekly/bi-weekly job, I am happy to provide washing/folding/putting away laundry, dishes, vacuuming/dusting,...
Heather G.'s Photo

Heather G.

Kalispell, MT

$50/hr3 yrs exp

Housekeeping And Organizational Services



Background Check

Simply clean is just that. Simple, reliable, and efficient cleaning is a must and we want to make sure that your home is well taken care of. We specialize in in deep cleaning, lifestyle maintenance, VRBO turnovers, and organization! We are not limited to homes as we also do businesses, so that no...

Recent reviews:

I enjoyed the friendly staff and their attention to detail. I am not sure which product it is but house smelled yummy. Fair price for the quantity of work!

Reviewed by Care member

Marissa J.'s Photo

Marissa J.

Bristol, VA

$16-21/hr1 yrs exp

Cleaning/organizational Help

Background Check

I take time and care to make sure that your house is cleaned properly and kept in order. I also love organizing, so I'm up to help with tasks that need a little tlc
Zoie K.'s Photo

Zoie K.

Canton, GA

$20-30/hr1 yrs exp

Housekeeper And Organizational Assistant

Background Check

I many years of experience helping families with housekeeping and home organization. Whether you need a weekly home pickup or deep clean I'm happy to help! I can assist with organizing drawers, closets, cabinets, kids toys, office supplies, using what you have in your home. I can also provide...
Michelle C.'s Photo

Michelle C.

New York, NY

$18-23/hr6 yrs exp

Organizational And Proficient

Background Check

Hi I'm Michelle I'm a student at Hunter College. I have previously worked with my mother in housekeeping settings all around Yonkers. I believe that your room/house is a reflection of your mind and I tend to love an organizational and clean house in order to do my day to day diligence. I do very...
Alejandra Q.'s Photo

Alejandra Q.

Wappingers Falls, NY


"Seeking A Job As A Housekeeper, Using My Organizational Skills And Cleaning Experience To Maintain

Background Check

Competent and dependable housekeeper with experience in private residences. Valued for impeccable standards in maintaining a clean, sanitized, tidy and pleasant environment for the whole family. Skilled at selecting the best tools and methods for all cleaning jobs. Housekeeping Skills & Services...
Brandy F.'s Photo

Brandy F.

Charlotte, NC

$33/hr3 yrs exp

Fun Sitter And Organizational Help

Background Check

I have many years of experience with kids through church, babysitting, and nannying. I can help with organizing and housekeeping!
Sage M.'s Photo

Sage M.

Orange Park, FL


Strong Organizational Mind

Background Check

My limit is bugs! Mold, stink, spoil, it doesn't matter to me. I've lived through it all. Here to help give a fresh start, or just provide basic upkeep.
Shara M.'s Photo

Shara M.

Santa Clara, CA

$15-25/hr10 yrs exp

Depedable Organizational Guru At Your Service



Background Check

Hi! My name is Shara and I love cleaning! I have several years experience cleaning and organizing for both business and residential clients. I have my own supplies and use non toxic herbal formulas for all my jobs. I am meticulous, dependable, and love hard work so if I can be of any assistance to...

Recent review:

Detail oriented, great organizer and does a thorough job.

Reviewed by Kelly S.

Selwa A.'s Photo

Selwa A.

Pinellas Park, FL

$16-25/hr4 yrs exp

Organizational Goddess

Background Check

Cleaning and organizing could be my profession. I enjoy doing it and I do it well. I'm very respectful of ones belongings and not a nosy person. I've done major deep clean to your typical household cleaner. Message me if you have any questions :)
Kiely C.'s Photo

Kiely C.

Pullman, WA

$18-25/hr1 yrs exp

Organizational House Cleaner

Background Check

Hi! My name is Kiely and I'm a senior at WSU. I am looking to clean and organize homes in the community to help support myself financially. I have cleaned homes for the past two years and look to keep doing it. I find much joy in a good sanitizing, deep clean. I also specialize in highly functional...
Lorelei D.'s Photo

Lorelei D.

Apache Junction, AZ

$18/hr10 yrs exp

Excellent Organizational Skills



Background Check

I am a domestic engineer, and have 38 years of experience organizing. I am extremely detailed oriented and reliable.
Shannon M.'s Photo

Shannon M.

Bronx, NY


A Housekeeper, Using My Organizational Skills And Cleaning Experience To Maintain A Well Groom Home.

Background Check

I am a very clean person, who actually enjoys cleaning. I have no problem getting my hands dirty when it has to do with cleaning. I also will be willing to do laundry.

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Jennifer A.


I got a referral for Jennifer from another property owner in my area and I'm stuck now... when I lose her skills my guests are stuck with mine. And trust me, I run a tight ship! My education is in the hospitality business and I know how important a consistently high standard is. She's smart, and...

- James R.

Erin S.


I'd hire you anytime!

- Slade D.

Heather G.


I enjoyed the friendly staff and their attention to detail. I am not sure which product it is but house smelled yummy. Fair price for the quantity of work!

- Care member

Shara M.


Detail oriented, great organizer and does a thorough job.

- Kelly S.

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