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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider In Novato

Full Time
About who needs care: Recovering from surgery... shattered ankle... not allowed to put ANY weight on right foot... will be in leg cast for another 6 weeks+. I am limited to a wheelchair (walker to transition), hospital bed, and bedside porta-potty (I am able to get down the hallway to the bathroom toilet via wheelchair for going waste). I am able to administer my own meds. I need help with meal prep, hygiene (occasional sponge bath), watering of garden/plants (small potted plants), answering door, occasional laundry, light housekeeping (I have cleaning ladies once a week), occasional removal of trash to trash/recycle bins in driveway (garbage company retrieves and returns bins from driveway to curb on Mondays), feeding of my pets: 2 dogs, 3 cats, 8 birds (caged), 2 parrots (caged), 3 reptiles (contained) and 3 turtles (contained in 6 foot aquarium). The feeding process takes maximum 30 minutes daily... just feed and change fresh water supply. There is no need to handle any of my critters. All of my critters are safe, respectful, and obedient except my older dog (that is deaf as a doorknob), all house-trained (cats and dogs are able to utilize a built-in doggie door when they need to go potty that leads from interior greenhouse to backyard). I do NOT use kitty litter boxes. I have a weekly scooper to take care of pet waste in yards. My two dogs are small, less than 12 pounds. I used to have a 160 pound Great Dane and 100 pound Bloodhound... but recently cancer took them both. My critters are my family. It would be helpful if caregiver drove and lives locally. Another plus would be someone with the ability of understanding and speaking English. I have a handicap of not being able to understand thick accents (even Brittish English). My future intentions are: the week after Thanksgiving to relieve my current 24/7 hour care... Though I appreciate the assistance I currently have, I anticipate need for only maximum of 6 hours a day for up to 8 weeks. IDEALLY 10AM TO 4PM (NO overnights needed). I have LTC insurance through Genworth Insurance to guarantee payment to caregiver agency. I have diabetes but am able to manage my own monitoring and administration of meds and injections. I have a circle of friends for the occasional need for support or extra hands. I order groceries delivered but will need help putting away groceries. I do have a guest bedroom and bath for caregivers use or needs. I have a security system to monitor who comes up the driveway and to front entry. Son and husband have passed away so I live alone. Full disclosure, I am technically 69 years old... so not in 70s but feel like I'm 100 years old. Looking forward to connecting with your much needed service. I have PT, OT and visiting nurse during the week... no need for caregivers involvement with those appointments except letting those folks into the house. I will be leaving town from 11/21/23 to 11/26/23. As to hobbies and such, not an issue... I am now addicted to tv... and snacking... As for daily structure: not much... wake up by 9 am, pee, have coffee and small breakfast, lunch easy peasy (soup or sandwich), dinner I have Hello Fresh meals delivered which are easy to prepare (though I cannot stand to cook or wash dishes) and I have befriended delivery for special cravings... I think I covered your inquiries, probably too much info. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, feeding, and bathing / dressing.