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Photo for Experienced Household Manager Needed- Longterm Position Opportunity

Experienced Household Manager Needed- Longterm Position Opportunity

Part Time
Thank you for taking the time to review our post. We are looking for a household manager who is well organized, professional and discreet. We require assistance with laundry, contractor appointments, car maintenance, light grocery shopping and general organization. We have a 40lbs puggle who is a lover not a fighter. He requires daily walks when we can not get to it ourselves. The household comes with the dog, a busy husband and wife and two teenage boys. We are looking for someone who actually clicks with teens and sports. We travel from time to time and would pay extra to have a qualified adult stay at the house who has experience managing a family, dishes, light cooking and cleaning. We have a house keeping service, it's just everything else we struggle to keep up with. We are flexible on days and times the assistance can come to our household and welcome a conversation on what might work best for all of us. Thank you! Our home has a weekly housekeeping service, but we need help with general organizing, laundry, dry cleaners and light grocery shopping/meal prep. There are 4 bedrooms in use and 9 baths. Changing Bed Linens Laundry light housekeeping (we have a weekly service) Light meal prep/cooking Daily Dishes Keeping spaces tidy/organized Pet Sitting/walking Occasional House Sitting Occasional Stays with two teen boys should we travel Car Maintenance Contractor Appointments Keeping Porches and outdoor areas tidy Some business errands UPS, Post Office We have a ranch, occasional checks on that property if agreeable Professional, cool, family oriented, discreet, experienced, not afraid of kids or dogs. Proactive, we'll organize, flexible. Must not be afraid of laundry! Located in Frisco, plenty of parking, gated community 1 Puggle (half pug/half beagle) sweet as can be! He's a companion dog so he's all about loving on his people.