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Photo for ISO Long-term Full-time Nanny For Active Toddler (20 Months)

ISO Long-term Full-time Nanny For Active Toddler (20 Months)

Full Time
Our interests and values include patience, honesty and kindness overall. We are very gentle parents and try to use dialogue with our daughter as much as possible, especially when teaching her and disciplining her. Our daughter is passionate about singing and dancing! She loves singing to anything with a good beat and will even do a little dance now and then :) Her favorite activities right now are more outdoorsy since she has so much energy but she is very curious and does well when it comes to entertaining herself- even in a new environment. She does show interest in her baby toys but is showing signs of enjoying more creative activities when she isn't running around. If you love Disney movies, you already get brownie points with her! I would like for my daughter to focus more on academic activities as well as learning simple tasks that she is able to/to soon do on her own. She is getting very good at mimicking words and would love for her to be more exposed to social interaction with people out of the family- especially since she was born during the start of the pandemic. We're looking for someone who has experience with Toddlers for at least 2yr (with references). Our ideal candidate would be interactive and attentive, ensuring that our daughter is not only cared for but also progressing. Playing with her and helping her explore her imagination is an absolute and would prefer someone who is well-versed in all child care safety precautionary measures. Overall, we want someone who would care for our daughter while also being a friend/advocate to her- being a good role model for our child is top priority. Our home is not near public transportation but has plenty of space for our ideal candidate to park. Our family comes with three fur babies that are so sweet and cuddly. They do get very excited upon arrivals at the home but otherwise very laid back. We have two males that are rescues so their exact breeds are unknown and then we have a miniature dachshund. The boys are very calm a majority of the time, whereas my dachshund can be very energetic when she wants attention or love.
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