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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider - My mom's name is Amador...

Full Time $22 – 45/hr Starts 11/28 San Jose, CA
About who needs care: My mom's name is Amadora. She very recently had a stroke (posterior stroke specifically). Currently she is in the hospital receiving care, but I am concerned for her care after she is discharged. If at all possible, we want her to stay home with us, but there are challenges. My spouse and I live with her, but cannot be home 24/7 to make sure she can eat, take medicine (especially her blood pressure meds), go to the bathroom, keep up with hygiene, drive her to appointments, and have someone to talk to when she is lonely or discouraged. I am unable to lift or support her weight--in fact, I shouldn't do heavy lifting in general, as I had a DVT on my right upper arm a few years ago and ultimately was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, so the circulation in that arm is compromised. Both Jon and I are concerned that we could hurt her unintentionally because we are not medical professionals, so we don't know the proper ways to lift and transfer someone to/from bed, wheelchair, toilet etc. I am also quite averse to handling the bodily fluids of others, especially vomit or excrement, and my knee-jerk reaction to recoil from these things may significantly upset her and/or compromise my ability to provide necessary care. I don't want that for her--I want her to receive quality care in as dignified a manner as possible without moving her to an assisted living facility. So hiring professional caregiver(s) to fill the gaps in my and my spouse's capacity to provide care on our own is extremely important. We want to match her with caregiver(s) she is comfortable enough with that she can build a rapport with them, tell them honestly when she is having trouble, and have pleasant conversations with that stimulate her mind. Before the stroke, my mom was quite independent, and loved to meet new people and chat. She was getting a bit more forgetful and easily tired but her mental faculties were, and still remain, intact. She is a warm and intelligent woman and needs a warm, intelligent person she can trust to provide the care she needs when I or my spouse can't. Thank you so much for reading. About the care needs: Personality: Warm, chatty, patient, calm in a crisis, not condescending (she is not a child and not lacking in mental ability). Skills: Experienced with post-stroke care where speech and mobility are compromised. Be able to assist a client to/from bed, wheelchair, toilet, shower, possibly up or down stairs if she has the strength. Have the fortitude and professionalism necessary to handle client's "accidents", vomiting, bathing, etc. with dignity. Know the signs of a stroke or other health crisis so that paramedics can be called promptly. Comfortable driving and accompanying client with compromised mobility to appointments and shopping now and then. Specific hobbies/interests: Not strictly necessary, but someone who likes hunting for treasures in thrift and antique stores could have a lot of fun with her. She generality enjoys talking about and hearing people's life stories and interests whether or not she shares them, so a good conversationalist (even if it is occasionally one-sided due to speech issues or fatigue) is a must. She also loves watching shows, especially shows with plenty of character drama, mystery, and romance, but always a touch of hope. She recently enjoyed watching the Mentalist, Downton Abbey, Burn Notice, The Musketeers (BBC), Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and Castle with us, and we were in the middle of watching Call the Midwife before her stroke. Services needed include: transportation, companionship, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.
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