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Looking For Nanny Options

Part Time
Our kids are currently in daycare, but I am not liking how childcare is going. I am looking into other options. What I like about daycare is the social interaction and playground time with other children. So, I would really love if someone would be willing to take the kids to the park and play with other kids. My kids are energetic, fun-loving, and independent. I am looking for someone who can help nurture them, help them grow, and cultivate their developmental skills. Right now, I only need someone part-time. However I would likely need someone full-time in the next few months... so, 8-4 (flexible on starting/ending times). The kids love running around and playing chase, arts and crafts, playing pretend, reading books, and building. They need help with potty training (even the older one sometimes) and sharing. We're looking for someone reliable and energetic. We need someone to match our children's tempo. We'd love for someone to help engage them with learning activities, such as numbers and letters to prepare them for school. We live on a small mountain. To get to our house, you have to go up a fairly steep gravel road. It snows a lot on the mountain, so 4wd transportation is a plus... However, you can park at the bottom, and I'll pick you up. (no public transit...) Our family includes two German Shepher dogs (inside), 5 pigs, and a lot of poultry (small farm). The dogs are super hyper. I work remotely, so I'll be here. I'll probably just keep them with me in my office, so they don't bother anyone.
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