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Full Time $16 – 25/hr Starts 08/01 Fairfax, VA
We both work mainly from home in our office, although do have meetings in other locations. My husband is an entrepreneur and loves his career. We both love traveling internationally (although not as frequently as we used to, due to young children). We intend to have our children grow up traveling & learning about other cultures. We are a Christian family, and try to hold true to those values! Humble, kind, patient, etc. We have a nonprofit organization that works with underprivileged youth in the US as well as in Africa. We both have been in missions work overseas (I was a missionary for 1. 5 years and have done many short-term trips.) We love concerts, spending the day or night in DC or the mountains (me) or beach (him). My son is almost two and likes reading, playing with cars/trucks/trains, running, and the playground. He learns very quickly & is quite the talker! My daughter is now 8 months, but was born two months early. She needs assistance with applicable milestones (rolling, tummy time, etc.). Reading, singing, & playing games will be important for her. My son needs someone to help teach him new words or actions (sitting at a desk, walking up stairs, etc.) as well as eating new things (he doesn't like to try new things to eat). He will be going to school part-time in August (3 days a week in the morning) & usually has a 2 hr nap in the afternoon. So most of the time will be spent with my daughter. However, we'd love to get him involved with activities & going to the playground each day. We are looking for someone who is patient, kind, likes teaching/educating, understands discipline (firm but gentle, and explains why we don't do things), and has energy for my 2-year-old son (my daughter is very calm though!). Although we want someone fluent in English, we'd love our son to learn another language. We don't have any pets.

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