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Photo for Day Of Wedding Help For Our 27 Month Old Son And 5 Month Old Daughter!

Day Of Wedding Help For Our 27 Month Old Son And 5 Month Old Daughter!

One Time
Hello! My name is Leah and I am the blessed mother of 2 fantastic kiddos! My son is 2 (he will be 27 months at the time of the event) and my daughter is 2 months (she will be 5 months at the time of the event). My husband and I are looking for a one time sitter in the Westminster area to come along with us during the day of a wedding we are helping with to watch our children while we are getting ready at the hotel, sit in with the children during the wedding, and watch the children while we are in photos and helping the bride and groom with their day of duties. My husband and I are both in the wedding party which will make the minute to minute needs of our children difficult as we also have commitments to the bride and groom. All food, transportation, and lodging needs for my children will be provided, what we are looking for is someone who can do potty trips with my son, diaper my daughter, feed bottles (for my daughter), provide snacks, and generally help our children to remain calm and content throughout the day and ceremony. My son is a total blast! He loves books, cars, and of course snacks. He is an extremely easy going kiddo who just loves to be happy. My daughter's personality thus far is very easy going as well--as long as she has a full belly and a dry diaper she is a happy camper. She is breastfeeding, but will take a bottle of breastmilk no problem. Details for the event: my husband and I will start getting ready with the bride and groom at 0900 in Westminster, MD. After we are finished getting ready we will travel (and drive the children in our car) to the Church for the wedding which begins at 1400, during which time we would like the children to be in the pews of the church for the ceremony. After the wedding we will be taking photos with the bride and groom and children but will need extra eyes/hands while we are occupied to help the children and assist with their needs until our obligations to the bride and groom are fulfilled. Thank you so much for considering to take care of our family, we look forward to hearing from you!