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Photo for Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider In Ormond Beach

Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider In Ormond Beach

Part Time
About who needs care: 99 year old independent woman still living in her 2 story home. Although legally blind, macular degeneration, so her peripheral vision is good, still cooks her own meals, cleans, as best she can, takes care of her gardens, etc.; even walks down the street to the local shopping area! Of course, we would feel much better if you walked with her there. She is forgetting more & more and her personal habits are failing. She cannot hear well but will be ordering new aids to assist with this. She worked all of her life. She is still physically strong. Does back exercises almost daily. Was an LPN, loves prayer, but can be cantankerous if she feels her independence is being threatened. You would need not take this personally and need to know how to help her not take your helping personally, too. As a family, we are approaching this plan as a way for her to get out of the house for walks in a beautiful neighborhood, drives, lunches, etc. This would prompt assistance with keeping her wardrobe clean. She is having trouble with seeing spots and stains. She will want to do her own laundry but will need assistance with the getting it there! When going out, helping her with those gorgeous white hair strands that are here and there and reminding her that a little lipstick changes everything! In other words, helping her care about life again. COVID and the past three months have taken a toll on her because I was not able to visit regularly and do the things mentioned above. Thankfully, her other daughter and son in law live right next door and have been able to help her in unmeasurable ways. Of course, in addition to all I did above, I also made certain there was not poo on the toilet seat or food residuals left in the sink. So there is some of that, too! Her routine is to sleep in, fix her breakfast, take time for her 3 cups of coffee with breakfast, while listening to her Bible on tape. She usually spends the rest of the day on keeping house and listening to books on tape. She then prepares her next meal around 3 or so and goes back upstairs for the evening. There is a lovely screen porch that she sits in up there; weather permitting. I could see you enjoying many conversations there; if you like to talk, she is a good listener! She definitely has two sides to her personality; you need to know this. She can be a sad sack but can easily be lifted out of this melancholy with some extra love. If you enjoy reading Jesus Calling, reading those thoughts to her each day as you begin the day, could set the tone and be a reminder throughout the day, of the joy we should be experiencing, all ways. She is an unforgettable woman. Always being supported by just the right people. The way life works in our world. If you are that person, we know in our heart, that you will hear this call for love and that love will be returned to you. Triple fold. About the care needs: I believe the previous description said it all! Services needed include: transportation, and companionship.