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Hands-on Care Needed For My Husband - **Care is being sought for...

Full Time $16 – 20/hr Starts 03/22 Oklahoma City, OK
About who needs care: **Care is being sought for my brother, not spouse.** We are looking for care for my 36-year-old brother who has stage 3 brain cancer. He needs constant eyes on him at all times and needs help getting medications taken at the correct time, reminded to get dressed in weather appropriate clothing, assisting in meal prep and actually eating it not forgetting it, etc. He will start to do something then forget mid-way so he requires lots of reminders. For example - he forgets food in the microwave or has tried to put his water bottle in the oven to cook. His disposition is very kind, congenial, and compliant. He has not acted out with aggression with anyone to date. Generally he sleeps a lot in the afternoons, but he has recently had a seizure (is on meds to prevent). Family is nearby in case of an emergency. Some day a family member may be on site working in a home office. Preference to have a CNA. About the care needs: CNA is preferred. Need to be able to administer meds on a time schedule. We have a history of urine and BM accidents on occasion. Making sure clean pads on are furniture like the couch will be part of the duties and cleaning up any messes that bodily functions may cause. My brother loves all sorts of bicycling - mostly off road and mountain biking. Clearly, he is NOT participating in these activities, but he loves to talk about them. He loves being outside and enjoys walks in the neighborhood when he has the energy. He is currently receiving chemo on a regular schedule. Family will do their best to accompany him to these appointments. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, feeding, and bathing / dressing.