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Companion Care Needed For My Father In Forest

Full Time
About who needs care: Dad is an Bib-wearing, introvert who likes to watch tv (westerns and judge shows mostly). My mom passed two years ago, and would like someone to sit with him, make him light meals for breakfast, lunch and Poss dinner. Light housework (Dishes, light mop, laundry, etc.). light grocery shopping. Make sure he takes his meds (most are in organizers by day) Take him to appointments if needed. And keep him company. He isn't hard to get along with, and is easy going. My brother lives next door with his wife, two kids under 8, and I live in N Carolina (I'm the POA). Another brother lives in Bedford. So we have secondary support for you if you need anything by calling any of us. Just need someone to keep him active mentally and make sure we are notified if he falls, or rescuer squad or help him up. He can normally take care of his showers, clothing, etc. Would love for someone who can communicate any needs he may have back to myself or my brothers, because dad doesn't normally tell us what he needs. I normally come in town from N Carolina once a month. I take care of his finances remotely and currently all Dr. appointment are made through me. He was on Veterans low income where they would pick him up for Dr. appointments but his social security checks raised that to not be an option now. All appointments are in town (except once or twice a year in Salem, and I can come in to take him to that if it's too far). he has an electric wheelchair for appointments with a van fitted for it. He has multiple walkers and canes at home to help him get around. He is on Oxygen for day and evenings. About the care needs: An easy going person. Someone who can handle sarcasm. Dad is an introvert, so more than likely he won't talk much. He will want to watch his westerns and judge shows though. He may fib about whether he's eaten or if he's taking his meds (he doesn't like to be fussed over). So you'll probably need the skill to figure out and call him out when his ability to just say what he thinks you want to hear. Cooking light meals (he's not too picky-- he's a meat and potato kind of guy but he'll be ok with sandwiches, potato salad, pimento cheese sandwiches, etc. He recently doesn't like to eat much, but he likes to snack on salty things). He doesn't like to do housework, so doing the dishes, cleaning and laundry is probably a non negotiable skill. but it will just be what you dirty while there. He probably won't want someone fussing over getting him dressed or any showers/etc., but maybe that will change if it's not a family member or if his health fails more. As long as they can hold a conversation and has the ability to communicate with me (his daughter/POA) on concerns or documenting things, that's really the key. Communicating back to me if you see a bill come in the mail that I need to pay (which mostly I have them all), or if there is a Dr. appointment that calls, or you see something that doesn't seem right or normal. A delightful skill would be if they have the skill to get rid of phone scammers! Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and companionship.