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Success Stories has single-handedly changed the way agencies are (or should be) recruiting for nanny candidates. There is no doubt in my mind that our agency would be in a different place today without the help of's recruiting platform. My best advice is that even the most seasoned agencies should be leveraging this tool even if they think they don't need it, since sooner or later, they WILL need it!

Within a month of registering and establishing our Golden Heart Chicago page we recieved two wonderful clients. The customer service you provide is above expectations. We look forward to a long relationship.

We are very pleased with our service from Their website is extremely user friendly. It is very easy to communicate with potential candidates. The team at is very resourceful, the customer service we received was timely and greatly appreciated.

We have a handful of wonderful caregivers that have joined us from their connection on I look forward to finding more gems. It seems like a professional, yet caring way to connect with others that want to be in this industry.

After years of using Craigslist with dismal results,'s recruiting site was very easy to use and we are able to find potential employees who live in our immediate area. It helped connect us to our 2 new (WONDERFUL) employees! Thanks

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